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Essential Sales Skills

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Essential sales skills training course
Essential Sales Skills

Course introduction

Book a place on our two-day Essential Sales Skills training course for just £625.00 + VAT. We can run the course on-site at your offices or a venue near you. There are a maximum of 12 places available for each sales training course.

Our Essential Sales Skills course is a practical two-day course designed to help salespeople improve their performance through a consultative sales approach. To reserve your place, book online today!

Course overview

This practical and engaging sales training course will help you learn the skills and behaviours that are crucial to sales success. The course covers everything you need to develop a successful sales strategy, including cold calling, sales prospecting and reading body language.

Your ability to influence prospective clients depends on your ability to build customer relationships, and the Essential Sales Skills course will provide you with the tools you need to develop profitable accounts. You will gain a deeper understanding of the impact your mindset can have on your sales performance. You will learn the importance of self-discipline, resourcefulness, optimism and persistence in achieving your sales goals. And you will discover how to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the hearts and minds of your customers.

The Essential Sales Skills training programme provides a thorough introduction to sales and explores the advantages of adopting a consultative and solutions-based approach to selling. It also focuses on the importance of good time and territory management, and helps salespeople of all levels understand the sales processes they are following.

The profession of selling is constantly evolving. The elements of sales success have changed as our world has evolved. The old methods of negotiating contracts and closing deals are no longer effective. Relationships are now the key to revenue, and trust is the new currency that salespeople need to trade in. The Essential Sales Skills course is not based on high-pressure techniques or “the latest sales fad”; it is built on solid sales principles that are at the heart of effective selling in today’s and tomorrow’s markets.

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Course objectives

We designed the Essential Sales Skills programme to provide a comprehensive grounding in the art of successful selling for salespeople of all levels. The main thrust of the two-day sales workshop is to provide each delegate with the ideas and knowledge to improve personal performance, such as:

  • Understanding the consultative sales approach;
  • Learning how to adopt a style of selling that is appropriate for their business and clients;
  • Learning how to structure a sales process to guide their conversations and sales meetings;
  • Learning how to prepare for a sales meeting in order to maximise results;
  • Understanding the importance of making a positive first impression;
  • Mastering the art of listening in order to identify and capitalise on opportunities;
  • Understanding the buying and decision-making processes and criteria;
  • Learning how to skilfully and confidently field questions and objections;
  • Learning how to sell the benefits of your products over those of your competitors; and
  • Finding out how to progress the sale and close the deal.

Course outline

Module 1

  • The professional salesperson
  • Success qualities
  • Motivation and attitudes
  • Sales structure

Module 2

  • Cold calling
  • Telephone appointing
  • Time and territory management
  • Prospecting

Module 3

  • Pre-call planning
  • Probing / fact finding
  • Establishing needs/desires
  • Presenters and presentations

Module 4

  • Features/advantages/benefits
  • Preempting objections
  • Handling objections
  • Closing techniques

Module 5

  • Avoiding toxic vocabulary
  • Basic body language
  • Practical examples and discussions
  • New and existing business

Sales training course benefits

People need three things to solve the sales equation: the right mindset, the right skill set and the right toolkit. Our Essential Sales Skills training course provides course delegates with powerful sales tools to help boost performance. It also helps them develop the right behaviours and skills to build trust and capitalise on sales opportunities.

The course encompasses 20 different modules, covering key elements such as motivation and attitude, pre-meeting planning, sales closing techniques and probing / fact finding. These core modules provide a range of benefits to new and experienced salespeople alike, including:

  • Improved communication skills;
  • Greater understanding of buyer needs;
  • Ability to recognise and resolve customer concerns;
  • Better questioning techniques;
  • Stronger sales mindset; and
  • Improved sales closing techniques.

Who is this course suitable for?

This sales training course is perfect for anyone who is new to sales. It is also ideal for more experienced salespeople who have received no formal training or are in need of a refresher course.

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We run our Essential Sales Skills training course at a number of locations across the UK, including LondonBirminghamManchesterLeedsNottingham and Edinburgh. The course can also be held on-site at your offices or a venue close to you.

We restrict our sales courses to 12 delegates per venue. This allows for maximum individual attention and gives course delegates a better chance of achieving their objectives. The fee includes refreshments throughout the course and a buffet lunch each full day. All delegates will receive comprehensive course manuals for future reference and guidance. In addition, we will issue attendees with a certificate following successful completion of the course.

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