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Leadership & Management Styles

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Leadership and Management Styles

Course introduction

Book a one-day in-house training course run at your premises or a venue of your choice. Suitable for groups of 4-12 delegates. All course content can be tailored to your business requirements following an introductory discussion with our experienced facilitator. Our fee includes course preparation, delivery and delegate training material, and delegates receive a course certificate upon completing the training. Price £1530.00 + £40 per head (for each profile conducted) + VAT.

Our Leadership and Management Styles course is designed to help leaders improve their approach to dealing with all members of their team in order to optimise the team’s performance. The course demonstrates how to identify their own preferred style of management and recognise the impact it has on those they manage. Delegates are also shown the skills which allow them to recognise the preferred working styles of those in their team and the importance of developing versatility in their communication styles. To find out more, book online today!

Course overview

We use behavioural profiling tools to personalise our leadership and management training course for each delegate. This means that each delegate can be individually assessed prior to the course and receive appropriate feedback to ensure that they are aware of their own leadership style and be able to adapt it to the needs of the group.

Since the best leaders are usually great communicators, our Leadership and Management Styles programmes focus on analysing and developing your communication style and how to adapt this style when managing any team.

Engaging with groups or on a one-to-one basis is an important skill for an effective leader and therefore a core area of our leadership training. If you are running an organisation or a team of people then our leadership training programmes can help develop your own leadership style to get more from your team.

Delegates will learn about the different types of communication style and the importance of developing the skill of versatility. These skills are embedded on an individual basis by using the results and feedback from the pre-course profiling questionnaire.

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To discuss how we can adapt our Leadership and Management Styles course to your team, please contact us.

Course objectives

We designed the Leadership and Management Styles programme to provide a benchmark for leaders of teams to be more than ‘reactors to situations’ and instead be able to influence the behaviour, beliefs and feelings of other group members towards a desired outcome.

There are many different styles of an effective leader and the objective of this course is to recognise which styles are most effective and which are not.

  • Recognise different leadership styles
  • Recognise your own leadership styles
  • Understand how your leadership style is seen by your team
  • Recognise the preferred communication style of others
  • Learn the importance of versatility to communication style
  • Recognising your own level of versatility
  • Learn how to improve your versatility

Typical leadership course outline

Module 1

  • Qualities of an effective leader
  • Different styles of leadership
  • The four types of Social Style

Module 2

  • Recognising your own leadership style
  • The positive and negative impacts of your style
  • How your style is perceived by others

Module 3

  • Versatility and why it’s important
  • Recognising your own versatility score
  • The dangers of low versatility for leaders

Module 4

  • How to improve your versatility
  • Establishing team standards
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Integrity and leadership

Leadership and Management Styles – course benefits

The latest research from experts such as Marcus Buckingham and Simon Sinek demonstrates that effective leadership may well be the key business differentiator between high-performing organisations and their lower-performing counterparts, yet many organisations see leadership training as a cost and not a value-add.

Our course will help delegates to develop their own leadership style to enable them to get more from their team and improve business performance.

The standard course encompasses four different modules, all designed to demonstrate how powerful the deployment of effective leadership skills can be and how damaging a weak or divisive leader can be.

By the end of the course, each delegate should:

  • Understand how an effective leader behaves;
  • Have improved self-awareness;
  • Be able to recognise the different types of Social Style of different people
  • Have improved awareness of the needs of each individual in the team;
  • Understand individual versatility;
  • Have learned techniques for improving versatility when dealing with others;
  • Communicating more effectively; and
  • Understand the importance of integrity to strong leadership

Who is this course suitable for?

This leadership training course is perfect for anyone who has responsibility for leading or managing a team, regardless of seniority. It is also suitable for supervisory staff and for new starters in man-management.

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We run our training programmes throughout the UK and occasionally overseas. Our standard public ‘open’ courses are run in major UK cities including LondonBirminghamManchesterLeedsNottingham, and Edinburgh.

We normally restrict our courses to 12 delegates as this allows for maximum individual attention and gives course delegates a better chance of achieving their objectives.

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