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Our Courses

We run a range of courses designed to be an introduction to sales, for a wide range of people. This could be people moving into their first sales job from technical roles or other departments, as well as those who are heading straight into sales. Alternatively it could be people who have been in sales for a number of years but not had any formal sales training.

Our introduction to sales courses fall into two categories, focussing on selling over the phone or face to face, although we are increasingly finding these two roles merging into one combining selling over email, social media and Skype as well.

For a number of reasons many people, whether new to or currently involved in sales, receive little or no formal sales skills training, especially those moving from traditional technical roles. Indeed, often the only direction given is either by accompanying other sales people, minimal in-house training, or even just trial and error with new and existing customers. This, at best is not utilising proven methods to produce or increase sales, but at worst could be detrimental to the future of some businesses in these fiercely competitive times.

Our Essential Sales Skills course presents all the fundamental essential sales skills, techniques and qualities required to develop a professional sales approach to potential or existing customers. The training course also includes an emphasis on the importance of good time and territory management and the essentials of motivation and body language.

The course is not based on any high pressure techniques, sharp practices, or “the latest sales fad” but concentrates on solid sales principles that are the essence of successful professional selling in today’s and tomorrow’s market.

Essential Sales Skills – Sales training course content

  • The professional salesperson
  • Success qualities
  • Motivation and attitudes
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Territory management
  • New business v existing business
  • Prospecting
  • Cold calling
  • Telephone appointing
  • Probing/fact finding
  • Establishing needs/desires
  • Presenters and presentations
  • Feature/advantage/benefits
  • Pre-empting objections
  • Handling objections
  • Closing techniques
  • Avoiding toxic vocabulary
  • Basic body language
  • Practical examples

Essential Sales Skills course objectives

To provide a comprehensive grounding in the processes and principles involved in professional sales skills and provide each delegate with a wealth of practical ideas and knowledge to improve personal performance sales skills.

Enable delegates to be self-motivated and to maximise their time and territory.

Who will benefit?

Anyone who is new to sales or for existing sales people who have either not received any formal training or are in need of a refresher course.