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Our Courses

Our training courses

We run a range of courses designed for salespeople and non-sales people alike. On the sales side, we offer courses designed to suit people at different stages of their sales careers, such as our Essential Sales Skills, Telesales and Telemarketing and Sales Management Skills courses. Alongside these, we provide training courses suitable for more senior sales people covering Key Account Management and Negotiation Skills.

Introductory sales courses

Our ‘introductory’ sales courses fall into two categories: focusing on selling over the phone or face-to-face, although we are increasingly finding these two roles merging into one combined with selling over email, social media and video conferencing.

The Essential Sales Skills and Telesales and Telemarketing courses are suitable for people moving into their first sales job from technical roles or other departments, as well as those who are heading straight into sales. Alternatively, many people attending these courses are people who have been in sales for a number of years but have not had any formal sales training.

Intermediate, advanced and supplementary courses

Our introductory sales training courses are complemented by a range of courses suitable for more experienced salespeople, as well as people from other parts of the business organisation. These include our Presentation Skills, Advanced Communication Skills and Dealing with Difficult People courses to name just three.

To complete the picture, we also offer a range of courses which deal with a wide range of business issues and which we deliver at your premises. By definition, these can be tailored to cover a variety of subjects as you see fit such as Belbin Team Profiles, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTi) individual profiling, Running Effective Meetings, Time Management, and Managing and Leading Change.

Many people, whether new to or currently involved in sales, receive little or no formal sales skills training – especially those moving from traditional technical roles. Indeed, often the only direction given is either by accompanying other salespeople, minimal in-house training, or even just trial and error with new and existing customers.

At best, this is a failure to utilise proven methods to produce or increase sales. At worst, it could be detrimental to the future of some businesses in these fiercely competitive times.

Available courses

To check the course content of each course, the course objectives and the suitability to your delegates, please click on the links below:

Sales, management and professional development courses

Digital marketing courses